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Arlene Alda's A B C

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Arlene Alda
Tricycle Press
Arlene Alda
8 1/2 x 9 3/4 inches
3 - 6
$ 10.99
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Why You Will Enjoy this ABC book

I believe books should teach or inspire; they should leave us different from how we were because we read or looked at them. This book has beautiful pictures. But in playfully finding alphabet letters in everyday objects, Ms. Alda urges us to look at things with more discernment and with more imagination. This is a delightful alphabet book to be enjoyed by the very young and by the adult who is sharing it with the child.


Arlene Alda, using her gift of observation and her camera lens, presents the letters of the alphabet as she finds them in the environment around her. This is a pre-school picture A B C nature book that encourages the reader to use his or her imagination to see letters in unusual places.


Arlene Alda, professional photographer takes pictures of things in the environment that resemble alphabet letters. Each letter is represented by its own unique and very imaginative full-color photograph. A is the profile of yellow sawhorse legs; J is discovered in the hook of an upside down coat hanger. My favorite, K, is two sticks sticking out of the water at 45 degree angles and the reflection of those sticks. Presenting letters "outside the box" of the everyday 'A is for Apple' is a unique, imaginative visual tool for presenting the alphabet to pre-school children. Arlene Alda's A B C can teach young children their abc's, but perhaps more importantly, it encourages children's imaginations and capacities for observation.
This book is no longer available from the publisher.

What Arlene Alda says about this book

I began wandering and taking photos of things in our environment that resembled alphabet letters. It was a visual game for me. ...How wonderful it was to recapture the excitement of those early discoveries, by looking around with a fresh vision. To see---as a child. Thatís what this book is all about.

About Arlene Alda

Arlene Alda

Arlene Alda has been a children's book author for 25 years and a photographer for 37 years. Her photographs have been in shows at numerous galleries in and around New York City.

Her photos and photographic essays have appeared in the New York Times, Life, The Satureday Evening Post, People and many others.

What is less well known is that Arlene Alda had a career as a professional musician before she became a photographer and author.

She played clarinet with the Houston Symphony Orchestra under maestro Leopold Stokowski. She studied clarinet in Germany on a Fulbright grant.

Arlene is married to Alan Alda. They have three grown daughters and seven grandchildren.

Arlene Alda's message to children is "Learn to laugh, have good friends, and learn to get satisfaction from hard work and accomplishment.

For more information about Ms Alda, visit her website.

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